I’ve seen one pantomime in my life which was Sleeping Beauty. It was at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings. I enjoyed it but in all honesty, it wasn’t amazing.. I was 17 at the time and it was a kiddy show so that’s probably why. I would love to see a proper, big show in London or something.. I know I would love it!!

I recently spoke to a girl called Sophie who owns the blog She seems like a very friendly, approachable person. I have seen loads of blogs but not once have I seen a theatre blog until now! Reading through her blog has definitely made me realise how much I want to see a show… probably Wicked. SHE HAS SEEN 62 SHOWS!!!! (She lists them on her blog) I’m so jealous.

She blogs about the shows she’s seen, historical shows, she talks about the songs within a show and even her ‘pre and post show rituals’. I’ve read every single one and they’re humorous, interesting and makes me want to read more. I love the way she writes.

On a more serious note, Sophie blogs about something so important, something not many people would consider – Disability in a theatre, as a theatre goer or as a performer. Now, I never even realised this. However, as Sophie works for a theatre and goes regularly then it would be something she witnesses often. These three posts help people like me understand the trouble disabled people go through just to enjoy something, as a performer or a goer. I wont give anymore away but you should all go over and read it. Even if it is just the disability part. It’s very eye opening.

Anyways, definitely head over to her blog! Or even her instagram which is

@onewomanwestendshow (one woman west end show without spaces)

Megs x


My Favourite Website

Do you enjoy short stories or audio books? I have the PERFECT website for you!!

So I recently came across It is a blog and website full of short stories and audio books. They have:

-Blog Posts (Weekly)
-Short Stories
-Previews from novels and books
-Excerpts from already released books
-Video Content
-Live Videos

This website is perfect for calming down, relaxing and getting yourself to sleep. Last night I listened to the short stories in audio books until I fell asleep! Safe to say that my favourite story is ‘Cat & Mouse’.

There are stories that will cater to everyone… addiction, loneliness and even politics! There’s blog posts about loads of different things which everyone will enjoy, even advice posts!

I personally love the layout of the site. It’s very easy to navigate around and I adore the colour! I can definitely say this is my favourite website by far and I’ll be signing up to the emails to make sure I get the first look on new posts, make sure you do too!

Book lover or not this is 100% the website for you!

Megs x


Abusive relationships & where to get help

Domestic abuse, emotional or physical, affects 1 in 4 women in their lifetime and affects 1 in 6 men. Are you one of these people? Do you know one of these people? I know exactly where you can get amazing help and support for yourself or someone you care about. is a website and blog which will give you the support needed for your recovery and healing process. Although it’s predominately for emotional abuse, it can work for both.

There is a blog section on the website that gives a blogpost for different scenarios in an abusive relationship. It also gives support and help. It will also help you to understand that it is never your fault. There is a books section which contains links to books about emotional abuse. If you have any questions whatsoever there is also a ‘contact us’ part which allows you to ask anything.

Finally, and probably the best part about this is the coaching sessions. Nora will help you understand what you are going through. She will help you put yourself on a better path within your life. You can get a free 30 minutes coaching session.

A quote taken from the site “I asked Nora for help at a critical moment. I still have to work a lot on myself, but having the opportunity to talk to Nora has been strikingly important event to be able to avoid paralysis and self-destruction. Thank you so much, Nora, for your kindness and support. May your love for helping us return to you in the same way you help us.”

Please, if you are in a bad situation and need the support please feel free to either message me or GO TO THIS SITE. Some stuff is never easy but with the right help, you’ll get through anything and everything.. I promise.

Megs x


BabyLed Spreads

So recently Iris & I have been testing and reviewing a product called BabyLed Spreads.

It is spreads used when weaning your baby. The spreads can be used on products or mixed in to make a sauce. For example, with pasta or on toast. Each carton contains 3 jars of different flavoured food.

There is no added salt and it’s dairy free. The nutritional value is perfect for a baby starting to eat solids.

Today, Iris had the ‘Avocado, red pepper and tomato’ jar. The flavours are slightly strange and certainly not something I’d think of giving to my baby. However babies do need to try as much as possible in their first year as there’s a potential they won’t like it afterwards.

Iris absolutely loved the flavours, especially the avocado, red pepper and tomato. She didn’t enjoy the ricotta and bean flavour, though. Babies should try a certain food 14 separate times to see if they’ll like if. If they still don’t after the 14th time then it’s unlikely they will in the future. So although she doesn’t like it now, she may like it the next time!

The only thing I disliked about some of the jars is that two of them didn’t smell very nice. The ‘Ricotta and bean’ one and the ‘Green pea, rocket and dill.’ But she still ate them, it didn’t seem to phase her.

The jars are very secure and packaging is easy to read.

I do really like this product and I will look into purchasing more!

Megan & Iris x