Capital punishment: potential saviour of the justice system?

We all have an opinion on the death penalty. But will it save the justice system? To put it bluntly, no. I’m going to approach this as unbiased as possible, I’ll do this factually instead of opinion based. I do have mixed feelings towards capital punishment but ultimately I disagree with it. Capital punishment isContinue reading “Capital punishment: potential saviour of the justice system?”

The Failure of the Justice System

If you know me then you’ll know ‘My Story’ and what I experienced when I was 15. So this relates to me as well as millions of other people. Let’s begin. Did you know that 98% of accused sexual predators walk away free after trial…crazy, right? But why is this? There are many reasons… wellContinue reading “The Failure of the Justice System”

Controversial Questions 2

‘Should people without mobility problems (who are still classed as disabled) be granted disable badges?’ … Again, this question received A LOT of attention. I never realised how many people disagree with this, there’s many reasons why for both sides. Firstly, many people disagreed with this because if they have mobility then surely they canContinue reading “Controversial Questions 2”

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